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Dec. 4, 2015


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Recent News


Dec 3, 2015

Press Release -

NYS DEC Issues Findings and Permits


July 11, 2015

Daily Freeman -

Article -Developer hails New York state’s green light on Belleayre resort; opponent vows further scrutiny

by Jay Braman Jr. - Correspondent


July 10, 2015

Press Release -

NYS DEC Commissioner Issues decision


Sept. 10, 2014

DEC Staff sends Motion to Cancel Adjudicatory Proceedins to the Office of Hearings and Mediation Services.


Nov 6, 2013

Press Release -

Local Planning Boards start Site Plan Review Process


June 5, 2013

Catskill Mountain News - Editorial and Pictures


May 30, 2013

Daily Freeman

- Article


May 29, 2013

Press Release -

State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) announces his strong support for the proposed plans for Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park


Congressman Chris Gibson - NY 19th Congressional District Issues letter of Support



Great News !!!

Thursday December 3, 2015 the NYS DEC issued its Findings Statement and subsequent Permits finally closing the SEQR process and its 15+ year review of the Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park project.

 More Great News !!!

On January 13th & 14th the Planning Boards of the Towns of Shandaken and Middletown each passed a Resolution providing permit approvals for the project to move forward. 


Both of these Boards have carefully reviewed all the plans, the Environmental Impact Statement and the supporting documentation. They have referred the plans to their respective County Planning Boards, held the necessary Public Hearings and reviewed the plans further in light of comments raised.  Through their diligent review both Boards have determined that all environmental impacts have been addressed, and that the final plans meet the standards set forth in their respective zoning ordinances.


Crossroads Ventures wants to thank each and every member of these Boards for the many hours they dedicated to this review, their professional approach to the process, and their constructive comments throughout. 


We want to also thank all the great supporters, those people and businesses from the community that continue to rally for us, those that understand and see the need for this project.  We know that with your support we can look forward to continuing in a positive direction knowing that the results of this arduous process will be a great benefit to the area.  Hopefully in the weeks and months ahead the remaining legal obstacles to the project beginning construction will be resolved, and we can all look forward to a project, when completed, that can better secure the economic future for everyone living in our part of the Catskills.



Resort Overview

The Catskill region has a long and storied heritage as both America’s wilderness and a premier destination. In keeping with that tradition, once built the Belleayre Resort will recall the heyday of the Catskills, which enjoyed a long tradition of tourism-related prosperity.  At the peak of its popularity, the region surrounding Belleayre Mountain boasted more than 10,000 hotel beds in an area from the towns of Shandaken to Fleischmanns.  Today, that same area has fewer than 450 beds, and travelers seeking a unique interaction with a breathtaking environment stop for short visits or bypass the Catskills entirely on their way to the Adirondacks and Vermont.

The Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park, as currently proposed, will become the premier, four-season resort directly serving the New York metropolitan area.  It will also be the most environmentally advanced and responsible large-scale development project the region has ever seen.

The Resort is made up of two hotels, each with its own characteristics and amenities.  The Highmount Spa Resort will be operated as a 5-star property consisting of a 120 hotel units, 96 other lodging units, a world-class spa which will include medical spa services, and food and beverage facilities.  The family-oriented Wildacres Hotel will feature 250 hotel units, 163 other lodging units, a conference center, food and beverage facilities and a Wilderness Activies Center.  The Wildacres Hotel will also feature an 18-hole public, championship golf course which will be maintained using a strict organic regimen with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides used. All of the resort’s facilities will be open to the public, increasing the number of recreational options available to local residents.

The Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park will blend the physical assets of the Belleayre Mountain Ski Center and the Catskill Forest Preserve with world class hospitality facilities and programs that will enhance the experience of both visitors to the resort and the community.  Created with a vision of a strong public-private partnership, the Resort will utilize local providers, guides, instructors, outdoor outfitters, as well as work with not-for-profit entities. A full-time information center will provide guests with ample information as they head out to the surrounding towns and villages, discovering an area with a diverse heritage of art, music, history and natural beauty.  And, the Crossroads Foundation has been established to distribute funds to local charities focused on the arts, youth education and sports programs, civic improvements and care for the elderly.
The Belleayre Resort represents a new chapter in the Catskill region’s storied history as a venerable tourism destination.


541 permanent, full -time jobs.

$400 million in development money for the local area.

Increase in tax base for property taxes.

Sales tax and bed tax revenue for State and Counties

Hundreds of construction jobs.

World-class accomodations to attract new visitors to the Catskills.

LEED certified, environmentally sensitive buildings

Organic managed golf course.


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